In Search of Gold, Glory and God

Dorian's Journal: Session 1

A new beginning

After much travelling and hardship I have finally found myself in a town. I have not seen many signs of life since reaching the frontier lands. The road has been long but I must not stop now. This is where I begin anew.

In the tavern I found a board with postings for jobs. I eventually settled on a job to investigate a cave where owlbears are thought to be living and to take them out. I knew this would be too difficult to take on alone so I joined up with two other adventurers. The first was a female cleric. She had an aura of naivete about her. This did not strike me as an uncommon feature for new adventurers so I did not question it. The second was a magic user. A thin man who wore little protection and very lightly armed.

We set out in the middle of the day. The cave was not a very long hike away. There was fresh blood at the mouth meaning that our enemy was injured or they had brough back some poor soul. I hoped for the first. When we approached it we decided I would head in first as I had the most combat experience. I felt slightly uneasy heading into danger with these strangers. It didn’t take long to reach the nest. There were 3 owlbears inside. One seemed heavily injured. Our magician cast a sleep spell on the beasts. We crept inside an finished them off while they were sleeping. This tactic struck me as underhanded but i did not object. We accomplished our task unscathed. We found a body in the nest. A guard was caught and dragged back here. We decided to bring back his belongings to town. We also decided to break some eggs so more monsters would not be trouble to the people.

When we got back we were greeted by the guards. They quickly became solemn when they saw what I was holding. The guards thanked us for our effort and our generosity in bringing back their companion. The captain personally paid us.

We celebrated our success in the tavern. I talked to an elf girl. She seemed to be a bit more experienced wandering these lands. She told be about the Sword Coast where lobster people live. They worship giant crabs as gods. The people are gentle but their gods are aggressive. This land always seems to have more surprises. I talked to the elf girl for a bit longer and eventually head for bed.

In the morning we looked at the bounty board and decided to go after a group of bandit sisters. We prepared by visiting some of the town locals. I didn’t care for many of them or their services but there was one interesting fellow. The town smith had many impressive items on sale and sharpened my blade with finesse that just can’t be found easily anymore.

The elf girl from the night before was also after the bounty so i invited her to travel with us. As we travelled we talked about ourselves. The elf girl seemed more open to discussion than the others. I had no problems sharing my identity. On the road we met a merchant. He had many trinkets. I decided to buy something off of him on a whim. Maybe his charm will bring me good luck.

Later on the road we crossed a den of some sorts. The cleric threw in a bomb and out came some dog-human creatures. We vanquished the first few easily but one managed to greatly injure the cleric. When all our foes were gone or dead we examined the cleric to find her already dead. We took her back to town and delivered her body to the temple of her god. I gave some money to pay for the funeral. Its an unfortunate end that adventurers don’t like to think about. We were more worried about our lost time than our lost companion.

The next morning another cleric, this time a man joined up with us to help track down the bounty. When we reached the parish the bandits were hiding in it was dark so we waited. In the morning we scouted the area and formed a plan of attack. We stormed in from an opening in the rear avoiding arrow fire and catching them a bit off guard. They were no match for us. We headed upstairs to find the leader cowering in a corner. The mage mocked her and provoked her into into personally challenging him. He cast his sleep on her. Seeing this the remaining guards fled and we brought back one of the triplets. The guard captain rewarded us handsomely. However, we have yet to find a valuable statue stolen from the temple. She says it has been sold. Our next move is to track it down.



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