In Search of Gold, Glory and God

Dorian's Journal Session 2

A Little Girl's Dream

The first day back from travelling was not an eventful one. Somehow I had managed to sleep until noon. You never know how tired you really are until you’re in a real bed. When I had finally awoken I found a note on my door. It was from the magic user. In it he said he had business elsewhere and will be departing immediately. I do not miss him. He was a strong companion but not the most pleasant person to be around. However, I met some new adventurers. The first introduced himself as a merchant but the way he handled his weapons I could tell he was more than that. His name is Arol. We were discussing if he had seen the statue we were looking for when another man approached. It was the young magic user that my old friend had talked to. He was wondering where he had went. I told him he left and he looked disheartened. I asked his name and he told me it was Logan. When we found out Arol did not have the statue we were looking for we left the tavern.

With what little of the day was left I spent at the market. I purchased a leather bag that hangs off my belt for quick access to rations and potions. However I still had more rations than I could possibly carry. I decided to head over to the temple of the water lord and leave some rations with them. I’m sure they will give my gift to those that need it most. By the time I made it to the stables they were closed.

The next day I headed to the stables first. The man there was an odd one named Jessepe. After much chatter he sold us his two finest horses for a good price. When I inquired about a wagon he offered me a broken down caravan that much needed a repair job. His price was 1000 silver. Not wanting to pay this much I tried to bargain with him. Instead of lowering his price he made me a deal. If I could bring a unicorn from the Great Forest to the north to his daughter’s wedding he would give it to me for free. I took him up on his offer knowing the wagon would be of much use to us. I went to the temple to hire a maiden to attract a unicorn and some hunters and trackers to aid us.

On the first day of travel nothing of note happened but we were attacked at night. It was more of those fiendish dog people. They attempted to surround us but Logan and I guarded the flanks. The main group was defeated shortly after. It was then my turn to keep watch. On my watch we were approached by human figures. When I met them they wanted me to give them our valuables. But then they noticed the hunters and they seemed to recognize some of them as friends. The bandits then told me about their troubles finding honest work being exiles. I sympathized with them and gave them a small donation. They marked their camp on my map and told me to contact them if we were in trouble and tipped me off to another bandit group. I thanked them as they left.

The next day nothing happened but we were again disturbed in the night. This time a creature like the one I had seen travelling to the parish wandered toward our camp. Arol tried to lure it away but it spotted him and badly injured him. When i awoke I tossed him a potion and put on my armor. The creature was quickly felled with a few slashes of Arol’s blade and a well placed spear from me. We stripped the hide from the creature, took its head and filled a bottle with its ichor. When I removed my spear from the creature the tip had been changed to a more rugged substance.

Today we reach the forest edge. In this wild land I do not know what to expect.



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