In Search of Gold, Glory and God

Dorian's Journal Session 3

A Walk in the Woods

When we arrived at the edge of the forest another one of those bird-lizard creatures. This one seemed more sluggish than the previous ones we encountered so we decided to go around it and avoid injury. The creature was confused and turned back. The edge of the forest loomed ahead of us.

We started down a rough path that lead into the heart of the forest. I told my companions about the green knights and we decided to ask them for advice on our quest since our hunting party was inexperienced traversing the forest. It took us about half the day to march there. Along the way we encountered some forest spiders that proved to be no match for us. Aerol was injured by one of them but it was nothing that a potion could not fix. Further along we encountered a person sized mushroom that was not rooted to the ground. It made its way toward us ominously but we cut it down easily.

When we arrived at the encampment only some of the green knights recognized me. Luckily their leader was one that did. He seemed confused to see us but when I explained our quest and trouble in the forest he was glad to help. He suggested heading for a lake that was in the heart of the forest to the north. He also looked after our wounded and offered some supplies. We stayed the night.

In the morning I said my farewells but wished I could help these people more. He said it was no problem for him and that he was happy to actually do some good. I’m glad that these people are not our enemies.

We’re on the road again headed back into the forest. I’m both excited and nervous about what we might face.



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