In Search of Gold, Glory and God

Tavrick Session 2

Part of the team.

Session List

Party Day 1:
  Another day at Water’s Edge, I wore a cloak and pointed hat to show that I’m not another armour wearing fool off to do battles, but a man to help in problems. I still haven’t tried any of two spells my mentor gave me, but I felt that soon I would have had to try out “Charm” to see if it could grab me a team. A soldier that was with that one magic user I met in this tavren a little while back was at the tavern again, and having a pointed conversation with a merchant. I figured I could try and help, since he’s with a new person, maybe he’s making a new team. I came to help, but the merchant just left and after very brief introductions I got to join them on their way to some temple.

  After a very brief time at the temple we went to a market, where the solider, who’s name I learned to be Dorian, told me about how the old magic user left and the woman with them had died in the field. I then formally introduced myself to our other member, the holy man Brawn. A man then came up to talk to me, but seeing my confusion he went to talk to brawn. It turns out that man was the merchant from earlier, except he’s actually an aspiring adventurer wanting to join us, named Aerol. (Us. I’m part of something bigger now.) I wanted to go grab a blade though after I found out about the last death on the field and went out just to grab a very basic knife. After asking for the knife though, Moly Pete scryed me about a bean stew he was making. My questions of where he was, what the spells were and when can I come back were unanswered. There wasn’t else much that day, Dorian gave food to the church (perhaps he does it for Brawn, as a sign that he respects his church, must enquire…) and then we went to a closed stables

Party Day 2:
  We went to Donald’s Equine and met it’s owner/operator “Crazy” Jesepe. He seemed to keep away from telling us prices and was very keen towards Aerol, telling Aerol that he could have his job one day. Aerol declined stating his preference to death rather then taking that roll, then explained to me the lies “Sarcasm” in what he said and what “Sarcasm” is; I continued to learn more about it through the day. We ended up buying a beautiful Maroon horse named Viranda, and a splotched black and white horse, whose name was Jennifer, but Aerol deemed it changed to Strider. Dorian had his mind set on a wagon to carry us and made a deal with Jesepe that we’d find a unicorn for his daughter before her wedding and we’d get a broken down wagon. I’m just glad to be with other people.

  We went to a magus to learn if he knew much about unicorns, and the moment he said that he knew that Jesepe had talked of wanting one for years, I realized he didn’t know how to get one or would charge a very high price for it. After everyone else decided that going out and just finding a unicorn would be our plan, we went to the temple and got a maiden working there to come with us on our outing. She would be on our way to where we waited with out horses. As me, Brawn and Aerol waited after the maiden arived, Dorian had left for service men, and came back with 8 raggedy dressed bowmen. We left for the forest where we might find a unicorn. The first day of travel I inspected the amulet Dorian wore, it just said Frost on it.

  That night I was woken up by the call of “Dog men are attacking but not Sir Snuffy Bottoms!”. I, needless to say, was very confused. As I got out of bed Dorian beckoned me over to help him put his armour on. We didn’t lose a single man on the fight and all but one of the dog men were killed. During the fight when I tried to cast “Charm” onto the dogman, it looked at me in the eyes. As it fought Dorian it was bleeding badly, I ran up to end it’s life, with a hand on it’s shoulders, but I missed, and instead Dorian sliced that dogman in half with a smile on his face as he walked over to the other two wolves, salivating at the mouth. It was like they were cruel reflections of each other

Party Day 3:

  The day was pretty uneventful. The night we were woken up by a loud scream a bit away from the camp. I still hadn’t full rested and was spell less so I just took out my dagger waiting for whatever we were fighting. It turned out to be a weird bird/lizard (I like to call it the Fowl-Lizard) Dorian speared it through the chest and it fell dead, oozing a black substance inplace of blood. We gathered some of it in empty health potion vials. I scooped some into an empty metal rations container, making sure to not get any on the outside. It could be useful.

Party Day 4:
  We arrived at the edge of the forest, and saw a tired looking Fowl-Lizard nearby.



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