Dorian Simon Cassik

The Winter Knight of Frost's End


Class: Fighter
Race: Human

STR: 16 | INT: 7 | WIS: 9 | CON: 9 | DEX: 11 | CHA: 5
HP: 7 | AC: 16 | SAVE: 14

LVL: 1 | Current XP: 1159 | XP Bonus: +5%

Plate Mail x1
Greatsword x1 (1d6+1)
Javelin x2 (1d6)
Waterskin x1
Backpack x1 (leather)
Torch x2
Flint + steel x1
Ration x17
Potion x5
Blue Talisman x1


Dorian, being the son of a knight captain was raised in a fort. Naturally he himself was raised to be a knight. However, Dorian was overshadowed in every way by his older brother Siegfried. When Dorian was knighted his older brother was already leader of a patrol. Dorian was assigned to his brother’s patrol. Dorian’s endurance in the snow capped mountains earned him the title The Winter Knight.

One winter Siegfried and Dorian were given the task of slaying a monster in the nearby mountains. They set out but only Dorian returned. Siegfried had been slain and Dorian fled out of feat of seeing his stronger brother fall. When he returned Dorian was questioned. Dorian did now know why he was so afraid and why he fled. In order to get back his honor Dorian was ordered to avenge his brother. But Dorian was afraid. So afraid that he fled and never returned.

Dorian Simon Cassik

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