In Search of Gold, Glory and God

Tavrick Session 3

First Kill

Session List

Party Day 4:
  The forest loomed in front of us with another of those Fowl Lizards in the way, except this one was dreary and slow. We decided to go around it to not waste time and effort in another fight. Dorian told us of Bandits that he had met during night watch that have a camp near the forest, and how they warned of other dangerous bandits in the forest, so we kept an eye out. We came to a few forks in our path through the path between the dense trees, but we never took long to choose a path.
Around sometime into the path we encountered small mushrooms on edge of the path, so I picked up a few. (They don’t seem edible but I’d like to see if there’s anything interesting about these) Later, there was slightly bigger mushrooms, and I went to grab one to add to my collection. That was a mistake as slits appeared in it’s sides and it made a horrible screech. Spiders the size of dogs with barbed tails fell from the tree canopy, luckily closer to the front of our caravan and not near me.

 I could hear the sounds of metal and looked over and see our group fighting these spiders off. I turned back to the mushroom and just wanted to yell at it to stop, but what good would yelling be to drown out the yelling. I turned to our archers and told them to assist my team since I’m too inexperienced and ill equipped to help, but they scoffed my notion. I wasn’t the one who hired them. I turned back to the screaming mushroom and took out my dagger. I begged it to stop so I wouldn’t have to kill it. As Brawn shouted out to the rangers with us they did and the mushroom stopped screaming. A heartbeat later it was a human voice in the air. Aerol had been knocked unconscience by the last spider, the other two slain. I found myself watching the cleric fail to hit the spider as dorian rushed to aid, his blade landing short, as I ran up and drove my dagger through the spider and killed it.

  I sat down for a while, I thought I was ready to kill with that dog man, but I wasn’t ready. I tried getting venom from the spiders but watched Aerol collect it’s teeth instead as Brawn wrapped it’s tail around his morning star. Later into the forest we found a human sized mushroom. It happened so fast, It stumbled foward, Dorian sliced it and green ooze flowed out, then brawn bashed it with his barbed morning star and it fell dead with a dent in it. He It was rolled out of the way and we marched out of the forest, down a path and to a camp. The camp of the Green knights.

  They seemed confused at out arrival but quickly opened their doors to us as the rangers were men they knew and Dorian they recognised from the night before. We stayed the night, healed up our wounded (Brawn for the arrow that loosed to the side of his arm and Aerol after being unconscious after the spider fight.)

Party Day 5:
  We awoke and set off back to the forest before getting word from the Green Knights that our best bet to find a unicorn would be the lake in the maze, although it is well hidden, but if we find it, that’s where we should stay. With that, we left back into the forest. If some mushrooms start screaming this time around, maybe I’ll kill them before spiders fall.



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