Tavrick Logan

A magic user thrust upon the life of an adventurer/explorer. Not prepared for what's to come next, but ready to adapt.

Strength: 8 Race: Human
Intelligence: 15 Class: Magic User
Wisdom: 6 Level/Current XP: 1/0
Constitution: 8 XP Bonus: 5%
Dexterity: 9 Saving Throw: 15
Charisma: 8 Hit Points: 3
“To Hit” Bonus: 1 Weapon: Staff/Daggers
Gold: 3d6 Armor Class: 10

+1 Harder saving throws against my spells.
+2 to save from other spells.

  • Read Magic
  • Charm Person
  • Sleep
  • Spell Book
  • Wand

Taught by the wizard who came up with the theory of the Grand Wizard in the centre of the world, drawing all objects towards himself, The Great Moly Pete. After some basic training, Tavrick found himself alone, Moly Pete had left, leaving behind a note that said that he must do the rest of his apprenticeship on the field, a spell book with half the spells foreign to Tavrick and an enchanted wand he had never seen before. Thrust into a life of adventuring he doesn’t feel ready for, Tavrick is looking to prove his teacher proud and find a way back to him alive.

[Dear Name,
Your training is complete, now you must do the rest by yourself. It will not be easy but I trust you can do well. You will find in this spell book, wand, clothing, platinum pieces and trusty dog the perfect start to your adventuring apprenticeship.
Best wishes, -X______________]

The note, left with a weird wand and a book with 2/4 spells never seen by Tavrick before.

Tavrick Logan

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